As a young teenager I told people I was going to write a book. I believed that the maxim of everyone having a bestseller in them was true and that it was simply a matter of saying something would happen in order to make it happen.

This is naturally not true, all goals require planning and effort and a step-by-step process to be achieved. I’ve finally achieved my goal this year to have a book published with my name on it. I am really delighted to have got this far but now there are new goals and new steps to take to achieve these new goals.

I sent my manuscript to many publishers and agents but was forced to self-publish m debut novel. This is not unusual for new writers and while plenty of people strike gold with their debuts, plenty of other authors pay their dues before any sort of fame or fortune comes calling.

I will use this blog page as a way to not only promote my publications but also to give an insight into the ups and downs of the writing and publishing process.